Collaborations with Andy Thomson:  2008 →

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Andy and I have been collaborating on art projects since 2008.

These collaborations sit under the UFT project - Unified Field Theory Research Cluster. Thus far we have produced three exhibitions:-  Flower Theory (2008, Apartment Gallery, Melbourne), Mons garden (2010, Light Projects, Melbourne), Ostensively Both Profound and Banal (2011, Screen Space, Melbourne).

The UFT project originator is Andy Thomson. Unified Field Theory is an international collaborative research project, which intends to examine how artists' sense of (cultural/personal) identity and ownership of their ideas and artwork are challenged through a collaborative process of art production -and designed to facilitate a practical and critical inquiry into the nature and organizing principles of the processes of creative production.


Andy Thomson was born and educated in England, at the North East London Polytechnic and London University, Goldsmiths. He currently lives and works in Auckland, New Zealand. His art practice has been sustained by an interest in the nature and perception of the real, in both phenomenological and philosophical senses of the word. Educated as a painter, he has worked to extend his engagement with the pictorial space of painting to encompass the formal and phenomenal aspects of its most fundamental qualities: light, colour, space, composition and the frame. He now works predominantly as a collaborative artist, working with others and with construction and video to explore the perceptual experience of reality in light and of form, both architectural and otherwise. He is interested in how artists' sense of (cultural and personal) identity and ownership of their ideas and artwork can be extended and enriched through a collaborative process of art production and presentation. He is an Associate Professor in Visual Arts at AUT University, Auckland, New Zealand.


Collaboration with Andy - front tree 18Feb11front tree 18Feb11