Ostensively both Profound and Banal. 2011

Screen Space, Melbourne, Australia. 14-23 April 2011

film still -camellia skirt

film stills -fast moving sky

film still -twin trees

film still -puriri

film still -leaves with window edge

film still -pale green leaves

Ostensively entry image


Ostensively both Profound and Banal foregrounds narrative structures related to mutual and individual perceptions of a series of sites in the field of urban and social quotidian. Multiple projections and numerous screens will act as conduits for narratives of subjective responses to the same or similar stimuli constructing new narratives of space, time and gravity.

Screen Space, Melbourne
14-23 April 2011


camellia skirt
fast moving sky
leaves with window edge
pale green leaves
twin trees
diminishing text ("Ostensively Both Profound And Banal")



This experimental work was developed as a collaborative video installation between Monique Redmond and Andy Thomson and was exhibited at Screen Space in Melbourne. Its title, Ostensively Both Profound And Banal is the work in essence, as it uses irony in the form of an exaggerated descriptor, which is both title and critique. The use of the title was strategically deployed to develop an ironic distance from the narrative structures embedded in the work. These narratives are of time and place, and of trees and breeze, are potentially romantic and reference ideals of beauty and mystery. The text is used to subvert these references and confound the likely ambient apprehension of romantic meanings by the viewer.