Ostensively both Profound and Banal. 2011

Collaboration with Andy Thomson

film still -camellia skirt

film stills -fast moving sky

film still -twin trees

film still -puriri

film still -leaves with window edge

film still -pale green leaves

Ostensively entry image

Ostensively both Profound and Banal foregrounds narrative structures related to mutual and individual perceptions of a series of sites in the field of urban and social quotidian. Multiple projections and numerous screens will act as conduits for narratives of subjective responses to the same or similar stimuli constructing new narratives of space, time and gravity.

Screen Space, Melbourne
14-23 April 2011


camellia skirt

fast moving sky

leaves with window edge

pale green leaves


twin trees

(diminishing text - "Ostensively Both Profound And Banal")