Assembly. 1-2 May, 2012

A two-day event-based project, which took place within the month-long Assembly project, 17 April - 11 May at ST PAUL St Gallery I and surrounds. Curated by ST Paul St Gallery.

18 Visual collaborators: Layne Waerea / Andy Thomson / Harriet Stockman / Kelsey Stankovich / Deborah Rundle / Tanya Ruka / Monique Redmond / Joe Prisk / Philippa Nielsen / Ziggy Lever / Michael Kennedy / Joe Jowitt / Ross Forbes / Azadeh Emadi / Cathy Carter / Benji Bradley / Chris Braddock / Liz Bird

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Speakeasy involved a group of artists interested in exploring notions of 'free expression', either as individuals or as part of a group or collaboration. Speakeasy included site and time-specific occurrences, which explored how visual artists and the objects, encounters and performances we engage in or with, can contribute to 'free expression'; with particular emphasis on how any conversation can encourage or foster an exchange or interchange with an observer, audience or passerby.

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Auction 5 Hi-vis jackets; Civilian/ Contemporary Art Practitioner

DAILY SCHEDULE. There was a 2-day schedule of events - as well as a number of events that were not time specific, and which occured at various times over the two days. An ongoing conversation with object making and re-making, hi-visibility uniforms, invited audience, flower delivery, and moving image were just some of the events that interrupted and punctuated the space for the duration of SPEAKEASY.

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The Assembly Design team included Sue Gallagher, Elvon Young, Onne Terre (Spatial), Tana Mitchell (Graphic), Kim Paton (Artist). The Design team developed the exhibition design over three months and explored ways to reconfigure the gallery as an active space for speaking.

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The Visual collaborators spent 6 weeks in-conversation, in meetings and on google.doc developing the Speakeasy project and preamble. The resulting focus OF the collaboration being: 1. An investigation, by visual artists, into the notion of freely speaking or parrhesia. Consideration of the broader notion of freedom of expression to more select components e.g. frankness, truth, subordination, risk, danger and duty. 2. An enquiry as to how objects and performance (including non-verbal) can be used to explore 'freely speaking' within this project. 3. Opportunities for exchange, interchange and slippage between spectators/ audience and participants.

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