Suburban Floral Association is a collaboration between MONIQUE REDMOND and TANYA ECCLESTON.

The Suburban Floral Association was formed in the early development stages of Shopfront, with the idea that we were planning for future collaboration, projects and potential opportunities. We envisage staging a number of different events and projects for as long as we have ideas and interest. This may involve artists and writers and other interested collaborators, such as plant enthusiasts, florists, gardeners, markets, etc.


Tanya Eccleston is an artist, writer and teacher now living in Avondale, New Zealand. Her own interests as an artist are in working with social contexts and communities. She has recently immigrated to Auckland from Glasgow, Scotland where rhododendrons grow wild as weeds in the hills and no-one would dream of planting one in their front garden. Tanya was formerly Head of the Sculpture and Environmental Department at the Glasgow School of Art. Monique Redmond is an artist and teacher living in Mt Albert, New Zealand. She is interested in front gardens, flowering trees and blooms that occupy suburban spaces. The suburban context, its sites, architecture, planting and gardens are a source for installation and photographic works that both draw upon and document the lived spaces of her everyday. She is currently Programme Leader Visual Arts at the School of Art and Design, AUT University.


"Shopfront is an alternative gardening project that changes regularly in form - cinema, gallery, seminar space, front yard and studio - where relationships between flowers and people change."


Seaview Tce white snowball, 27 October 2010Seaview Tce white snowball, 27 October 2010



Driveby 4Jan11 - hydrangea in Waiuku Driveby 4Jan11 - hydrangea in Waiuku



Every day something different happened at Shopfront.


Wed 9 March & Thu 10 March: 5-8pm, Video screening, 'Driveby' videos of blooms, flowering shrubs and trees.

Fri 11 March: 5-8pm, Friday Night Takeaways. Take away a cutting for your garden from Suburban Floral Association.

Sat 12 March: 2-6pm, Flowers and Foliage Depot. Bring in whatever you are willing to cut, trim or prune for us from your garden. Anything that you appreciate, we will -blooms, foliage, cut flowers, shrubs or trees. 6-9pm, White Night event - Video screening

Sun 13 March: 4pm, Public talk: Dr Rachel Carley on ceramics, still life and the floral. Plus Afternoon tea.

Mon 14 March: 2-8pm, Video screening

Tue 15 March: 7pm, Suburban Floral Association Artists Talk

Wed 16 March: 6.30pm, Public Talk: Anna Miles on the invented and imaginary world of flowers on textiles.

Thu 17 March: 2-8pm, Video screening

Fri 18 March: 6-8pm, Flower Arranging Workshop. Bring along found and foraged flowers, weeds and plant material, and Lynette Gumm and Priscilla Hunt will show us how to make a bouquet from whatever we collectively bring.

Sat 19 March: 2-8pm, Video screening. Last day at Shopfront.



Driveby 3Jan11 - Bougainvillea in Sandringham Driveby 3Jan11 - bougainvillea in Sandringham


Shopfront is a Suburban Floral Association project commissioned by Letting Space for the Auckland Arts Festival, March 2011. The project was staged in a commercial space in Kings Square, Newmarket Railway Station (8-19 March). "Public art programme Letting Space was initiated in 1994 and revived in Wellington in 2010 in response to the economic recession. It brings contemporary art out of the gallery, commissioning leading contemporary artists to perform and install new work in vacant commercial properties, transforming relationships between artists, private property and the often monocultural spaces of the city. Curated by Mark Amery and Sophie Jerram Letting Space works to see stronger engagement between artists, property developers and their city."