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Public Talks: Rachel Carley. Suburban Floral Association. Anna Miles

Public Talks: Rachel Carley, Suburban Floral Association, Anna MIles


Sunday 13th March: 4pm, Public Talk: Dr Rachel Carley on ceramics, still life and the floral (followed by afternoon tea)."Rachel lectures in Interior Design at Unitec. Her PhD thesis 'Whiteread's Soundings of Architecture', moulds a series of contours between the British artist Rachel Whiteread''s sculptures and architectural discourse. Since 1994, Carley has also been designing slip cast, earthenware ceramics that have been extensively published in New Zealand design magazines."

Tuesday 15th March: 7pm, Auckland Arts Festival Artists Talk: Suburban Floral Association Artists, Monique Redmond and Tanya Eccleston in conversation about the Shopfront project. Included a Bloom spotting documentary work of emails and images collected during January - February 2011 by SFA Bloom spotters (family and friends).

Wednesday 16th March: 6.30pm, Public Talk: Anna will speak about her interest in the invented and imaginary world of flowers on textiles. "Anna established her own gallery in 2003 ( She teaches part time in the School of Art & Design at AUT. A number of exhibitions she has curated reflect her interest in the decorative arts including Bespoke: The Pervasiveness of the Handmade (Objectspace, 2006) and A Lace Life: The Alwynne Crowsen Collection (Objectspace, 2008)."