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Video Screening, White Night: Auckland Arts Festival

Video Screening, White Night: Auckland Arts Festival - Saturday 12th March:  6-9pm


"Video screenings on 8th, 9th, 10th, 12th, 17th, 19th March. "Over the summer the Suburban Floral Association have been shooting 'drive-by' photographs and film of flowering shrubs, trees and plants. These will be projected onto the window space at the noted times over the project's duration."

LINK: Drivebys (excerpt), Suburban Floral Association  >>>

LINK: Drivebys 2010:2011, Suburban Floral Association - full length 39min:20sec  >>>

On the window of the shop a video was back projected of Drivebys, which included over 600 images of flowering shrubs and trees in bloom shot over the summer months by the Suburban Floral Association. Full length film is 37:00min (4sec per image). Drivebys were shot from the car as and when spotted by the artists. A request was also sent out to family and friends of the Association in early January to do some bloom spotting on our behalf. This involved about 80-90 people. A presentation was made of the Bloom spotting response (documentary work), which was shown as part of the Suburban Floral Association artist talk.