Passersby. 2007

CCP: Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne

Passerbys, 2007
Epsom inkjet prints, 14mm coloured stickers (24,700 stickers), archival matt laminate
2 parts: 2200 x 1100mm

Composite Realities Amid Time And Space: Recent Art and Photography

CCP Gallery (Centre of Contemporary Photography), Melbourne, Australia. July 2007. Curated by David Thomas. This exhibition presents new works by Australian and international artists who use photography in combination with other components including: paint, site, time, light, to address questions regarding perception, memory and being.


The exhibition was informed by the following considerations:

1. The concept of the Composite: Henri Bergson defined the composite as a construction / model where things different in kind are reconciled through our experience over time (duration). The composite artwork therefore embraces ideas of complexity and multiplicity, allowing for different conventions and materials to coexist within singular works and for shifting contents to become apparent over the time of viewing.

2. The use of a visual language informed by Non objective art, Conceptual and performative practices in order to raise questions concerning the nature of photography as an object/language/experience in the world i.e. what a photograph is as well what it is of.

3. The need to make works which explore how photography mediates our interrogation, construction and perception of the real amid the world.


DOWNLOAD pdf  >>>  Composite Realities, CCP catalogue. 568kb
Text by Naomi Cass (Director CCP), David Thomas (Curator), Zara Stanhope (Writer), ISBN: 978-0-9751371-6-1. Published by CCP, Melbourne, Australia.

Artist floortalk, 21 Jul 2007. CCP, Melbourne, Australia.