Pohutukawa Forest. 2008

New Gallery, Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki

Pohutukawa Forest
Metrosideros excelsea, Vibrance, Maori Princess

Pohutukawa Forest is just that, a forest in the making. The ultimate in balcony gardens it anticipates a future much grander than its own beginnings. Poised on a platform these trees set about making gardens, boasting a plan with serious ambitions. The pohutukawa varieties in their packaged form are full of potential and promise despite appearances. They are after all the quintessential New Zealand flowering tree, both monumental and splendiferous in form and flower.


Pohutukawa trees, scoria and galvanised drip tray. Concrete platform 2390 x 1565mm x height  of pohutukawa trees (up to 3m).


Pohutukawa Forest, Commissioned work for The Enchanted Garden, exhibition curated by Mary Kisler, New Gallery, Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki, Auckland, New Zealand. Dec 2008-Feb 2009.

Pohutukawa Forest, interior view of install in "The Enchanted Garden", AAG


LINK:  OUTPOST: Auckland Art Gallery staff blog. Sarah Eades, posted Wednesday, 10 December 2008>