Vacancy II. Project Space/Spare Room, RMIT University

Flowers of New Zealand and Auckland

Hydrangea documentaries: Richmond Rd, Grey Lynn

Hydrangea documentaries: Cnr Kerr Taylor Ave, Mt Albert

Hydrangea documentaries: New North Rd, Western Springs

Hydrangea documentaries: Terrace St, Rosedale

Hydrangea documentaries: Hadfield St, Waterview

Hydrangea documentaries: Cnr Hollywood Tce, Gladstone

Hydrangea documentaries: Herbert St, Windsor

Hedge Frigates

Hydrangea suburb

Torch Tree to Ohai. Twin Peak David St Ohai


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Vacancy (2004) explored ideas of passivity and activity, of banality and uncertainty - sites of (supposed) passive viewing, places and processes of the ordinary and expected. We were interested in the state between these constructed oppositions; those that are constantly in flux. Site created a 'dialogue' between passive and engaged viewing, between the banal, the expected and the dynamic.

This project intends to extend the conversations, which arose in Vacancy. Whereas the focus for Vacancy was primarily centred on site, albeit non-site, the interest here lies within notions of the transitory; action / non-action; the located / dislocated; travel, passing by and through; entering and vacating; travel and points of surveillance...