Episodes, 2007

Z/X#4 Situation. Ron Left & Monique Redmond







Z/X#4 Situation proposal

Ron Left & Monique Redmond

Episodes seeks to look at the idea of documentary as a reenactment of event, in the form of a series of reoccurring experiences. The work will question the ability of photographic media to reinterpret the repetitive transitory experience into a new experience. Conventions of documentary and matter-of-fact record will be used to capture these short-lived moments and represent them as the events they are.

Our aim is to focus on reoccurring actions as a discontinuous yet parallel string of events. In isolating everyday occurrences (experiences that don't usually typify or characterise an event, such as transitory routes), the 'to and from' will be removed and in its place the repetitive act transformed into a series of episodes[1].  As episodes these act as subject metaphors for experiences unseen, recording the tracings of flaneur type movements.[2] Whilst this project does refer to the flaneur in method, the artists here pose as actors. Working with a sense of determination and non-determination we endeavor to find something that may or may not exist by repeatedly going on the same excursions, over and over again.

The notion of a transitory experience suggests that there is a place to go to, and whilst a 'course' will be defined through revisiting, its purpose is representative of a non-destination. Rather than a documentation of a journey, the outcome is a set of images and thoughts held together only by the scope of the constructed event. Photographic data and figurings operate as metaphoric samplings of events. By identifying a series of routes [episodes] we will devise a method of engaging with the unseen, thus creating a performative record through the act of doing. We intend to repeatedly revisit these happenings to the point where they become the focal experience.

Work produced for Z/X#4 will be responsive to the conditions of the publication format. Methods employed will consider the performative practices of documentation in order to raise questions concerning the nature of photography as an object/language/experience of the world. It is envisaged that the work will be, neither a documentation of the event itself, nor composed images taken during the event; rather a series of records that are determined by their place within the event and representation within the artwork. In a sense, the artwork determined by the accumulation of repetitive acts will question the ability of time and repetition process to construct circumstance.


PUBLISHED in black & white (conceived as colour works)


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[1] Reference to Corinna Schnitt's "Between four and six" 1997, which is a performative work (video) about the routine and ritual of cleaning roads sign utilising particular behaviors, every Sunday between the hours of 4 & 6. The accumulative act reinterprets itself as an everyday ritualistic situation.

[2] "Walking slowly, the flaneur enacts a series of movements and glances: simultaneously gazing upon the entire scene and becoming lost in the labyrinth. Turning this way and that, pausing to wipe the dust off a rusting sign, overhearing snatches of conversation, and weaving past temporal narratives into the current scene, the flaneur sees what might otherwise be obscured." (Wood, A. "What Happens [in Vegas]": Performing the Post-Tourist Flaneur in "New York" and "Paris"". Text and Performance Quarterly, Vol. 25, No.4, October 2005, pp.315-333.)